Supply chain issues are continuing to affect manufacture of our products.

About Us

Horticultural Engineers

We began this business on a shoestring, with no capital and a collection of sheds at Paul's parents house back in 1996, Paul having been laid off by a garden machinery dealership and out of work.

Those early days were very difficult times with a young family and cottage to pay for each month but with very careful juggling of takings and expenditure we survived month on month and slowly began to grow and become established.

We have diversified over the years, we now grow approx 3 acres of Christmas Trees for the fresh straight from the field market along with decorative ironwork and products made from recycled horseshoes which we began in 2006.

Selling products online is our latest diversification and seemed a natural progression from selling from the workshop as it gives more potential customers the opportunity  to see the products we have to offer, We used to list machinery & cycle spares online but have recently decided we are up against too much competition with ebay and amazon offering dirt cheap parts and free delivery so recently removed all our spare parts from the shop, leaving only our metalwork products online.

Now that our Children are almost grown up Mandy now helps out a lot more with the day to day running of the business, not office work for her, she is very good with the spanners and can turn her hand to a bit of forging and welding too!

So that's about it really, thanks for reading and we hope to be of service to you in the future.